For IT Operations

Deliver and maintain services, applications, and technologies vital to running a business.

Bring Everything Together

Apps, servers, routers, devices… what they are doing is all tracked in the logs. Security teams, Network Ops, DevOps,
Internal & External Tech Support all want access to different pieces of those logs for different reasons… and they want IT Operations to provide it for them. With Graylog brings everything together to eliminate multiple tools collecting the same logs, unnecessary access to production systems, and the workload of ensuring teams only see the data they should.

Monitoring Strategies

Being able to identify and respond to what is happening within your systems, what resources need attention, and what is causing a slowdown or outage is invaluable. Using Graylog to seamlessly collect, aggregate, and analyze log data and metrics, is key for establishing and maintaining flexible and comprehensive application and network monitoring strategies for solving problems fast.

Smart Alerting

Your users shouldn’t catch problems before you do. Your logs serve as a star witness to the events occurring across your enterprise. Graylog provides sophisticated alerting capabilities to notify you of critical events without drowning you in noise so you can analyze potential suspects, identify the root of the problems, and fix them fast before they impact your customers. Filter your alerts to focus on the legitimate issues.

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How Graylog Enterprise Helps IT Ops Teams

Centralize All The Data

Your operating system, applications, network, and infrastructure collect extensive log data 24/7. Graylog provides a comprehensive log management platform so you can find it, search it, and analyze it to reduce downtime, improve performance, and make your operation more efficient.

Maximum Flexibility in Data Organization

Group logs by type, data source, department, geography, or even fields within the logs to set different storage and archiving policies, access controls, and search groups.

FInd Issues Faster

Graylog’s architecture enables you to search across millions of log messages in milliseconds. Faster results mean faster resolution, which is essential to keeping your business up and running. Take advantage of multiple input parameters and workflow for a more productive and easy workflow that empowers junior analysts and Level 1 tech support personnel.

Explore Your Data

Graylog makes it easy to visualize and explore your data, even when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Spot an anomaly in a dashboard? Simply click down arrow next to the datapoint and initiate a simple query, a complex search workflow, or several other options.

Alert on What Really Matters

Customize Graylog to keep tabs on your environment, let you know when there’s something you need to look at, and even merge log data with external sources and dynamic lists for more targeted alerting and more useful log data.

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