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Introduction to Reporting

For a variety of reasons it’s important to have formal reports of a standard set of data. Whether to meet compliance or internal policy requirements, customer SLAs, or management needs, it’s even better when those reports can be automatically delivered straight to your inbox.

Graylog reports are extremely easy to build and configure, leveraging our Dashboard functionality to provide the scheduled reports you need. Because of this, you already have built-in chart types, relative time frames, and sophisticated target data rules.

Better Reporting

How It Works

Sure, dashboards are great, but sometimes you need that data to show up in your inbox. Setting up a report takes just a few minutes: put in the title, add your logo if you want, set the schedule, pick which dashboard widgets you want included, customize the email, and you are good to go.

You can even automatically deliver reports to outside customers and partners.


  • As a Service Provider, you could set up weekly or monthly reports of summary data, with your logo, to be delivered to your customers and their assigned tech leads.

  • Compliance Mandates frequently translate to policies requiring daily/weekly/monthly/quarterly reviews of log data and trends. Graylog reports make it easy to comply.

  • IT Managers often require roll-up reports summarizing performance metrics, error rates, downtime, and other aggregated data. Pick the most relevant widgets from across all your dashboards and have them automatically delivered on-schedule to the boss.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the difference between Reports and Dashboards?

    Reports are just snapshots of dashboard views taken at a particular point in time. Reports can be delivered via email on a regularly-scheduled basis for easy access, sharing, and archiving.

  • What if I want to combine your report data with data from other systems?

    This would best be done with our API to pull the data you need into a report builder that can also access data from the other tools in your tech stack. Of course you can copy and paste, but we’re always in favor of automation. Check out the various communities where our users hang out and Graylog Marketplace to see if others have already used the API to pull data into your tool of choice.

  • Can reports be delivered to external email addresses?

    Yes. Of course, be careful with this, as it is definitely possible for reports to contain sensitive data that could lead to a security breach. But you can send reports to external customers, service providers, business partners, auditors, and anyone else who needs them.

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