Start fast with pre-built content

  • Easily correlate authentication data across different types of data sources.
  • Gain visibility into who is trying to log into what throughout your IT environment.
  • Monitor and analyze the data, identify any malicious activity occurring within your network.
  • Isolate the source of the activity, and quickly respond to the threats.
  • Eliminate the manual set up necessary to detect, monitor, and analyze application issues across your IT infrastructure.
  • Visualize all of your application data in pre-built dashboards and drill-down for details and deeper insights.

Help me see my data

Correlated Alerts

Receive alerts via email, text, Slack, and more. Update alert criteria based on a dynamic list in a lookup table.

Dynamic Lookup Tables

Perform faster research by adding WHOIS, IP Geolocation, threat intelligence, or other structured data.

Interactive Dashboard

Combine widgets to build customized data displays and automate the delivery of reports to your inbox.

Schedule Reports

Leverage Graylog’s dashboard functionality to easily build and configure scheduled reports.

Search Templates

Enter one or more criteria for a more comprehensive search or dashboard view. Easily save and share parameterized searches and dashboards.

Streams & Pipelines

Route log messages into categories in real time and control data processing by tying streams to your pipelines.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Illuminate available with Graylog Open Source?
    No, Illuminate is only available with Graylog Enterprise.
  • How do I install Illuminate?
    Graylog comes with a UI for installing Illuminate core, processing, and pipelines. This automated installation process takes care of everything under the covers -- i.e., it updates Elasticsearch templates, installs new processing pipelines and rules, installs new CSV lookups, and syncs the Illuminate installation across all nodes in your cluster.