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4 key benefits of enterprise log management

Explore your
  • Gain insight into your data by building and combining multiple searches for customized analysis and reporting.
  • Build complex alerts based on a relationship between multiple events or even missing events collected by Graylog.
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answers, fast
  • Build queries in minutes, execute them in milliseconds, and view log data in real-time.
  • Save time and deliver results at the speed required for enterprise-scale data with Graylog’s multithreaded and distributed search workflow.
non-tech users
  • Save time and ensure consistency when sharing complex queries, with intuitive dashboards and data aggregation that allows for pivot-table like analysis.
  • Chain queries together so the results of one initiate the next, creating a threat-hunting or root cause analysis workflow.
lower ops
  • Keep your IT Operation lean with Graylog’s single source of data, reusable searches, and an empowered team.
  • Support the success of your business with fast installation, improved performance, secure systems, and lower storage costs.

Powerful, lightning-fast features

Teams Management

Control entity access and capabilities. Includes LDAP/Active Directory integration.


Easily integrate your data into 3rd party systems to automate reporting, workflow and research.


Control who can access what data and capabilities. Includes LDAP/Active Directory integration.

User Audit Logs

Track who accessed what log data and what actions they took against it to ensure compliance and security.

Dynamic Lookup Tables

Perform faster research by adding WHOIS, IP Geolocation, threat intelligence, or other structured data.

Streams & Pipelines

Route log messages into categories in real time and control data processing by tying streams to your pipelines.

Automatic alerts

Receive alerts via email, text, Slack, and more. Update alert criteria based on a dynamic list in a lookup table.

Interactive dashboards

Combine widgets to build customized data displays and automate the delivery of reports to your inbox.

Scalable Search

Build complex queries in minutes with Graylog’s web console - no proprietary query language needed.

Search Workflow

Build and combine multiple searches for any type of analysis into one action and export results to a dashboard.

Search Templates

Enter one or more criteria for a more comprehensive search. Easily save and share regularly run searches.

Scheduled Reports

Enter one or more criteria for a more comprehensive search. Easily save and share regularly run searches.

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