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Supercharge log management with Graylog
Graylog Enterprise

Enterprise Log Management

Explore data without pre-planning or deep application training. Graylog’s data storage and retrieval architecture allows multi-threaded and distributed search across your environment for faster results.

Graylog Enterprise Features

Be in the Know: Correlation Engine & Event Management

Create alerts based on a single log message, hundreds of log messages, or even the lack of a log message to identify complex security and performance issues that would previously go undetected, require multiple steps to build, or integration with a third-party system.

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Keep It Simple: Dashboards

Easily create custom dashboards to visualize a variety of metrics and trends on a single page. Drill down from charts and tables to explore your data in-depth.

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Hunt Threats Faster:
Search Workflow

Build queries in minutes, execute them in milliseconds. Save and share complex queries with sophisticated data visualization outputs and data aggregation that allows for pivot table-like analysis to save time and enable junior staff. Chain queries together so the results of one initiate the next, creating a threat-hunting or root cause analysis workflow.

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Lower Storage Costs:

With the archiving functionality in Graylog Enterprise, you can store everything older than 30 days on low-cost slower storage and re-import it into Graylog when you need it.

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get Insights in Your Inbox:

Easily customize reports and schedule them to be automatically delivered to anyone in the organization to enhance departmental and cross-departmental communications, identify long-term trends, and meet internal and external policy requirements.

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Never Lose Data:
Fault Tolerance

Prevent data loss with the Graylog message journal in case of a network outage. Fault tolerance is built in to the product without requiring additional components and ensures distributed, load-balanced operation.

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Bring in Any Data:
Content Packs

Use content packs, a combined set of inputs, extractors, streams, and dashboards, to bring in or to share popular configurations in your environment to support specific types of data.

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Manage ALL Data Collectors:
Graylog Sidecar

Use the Graylog Sidecar to manage flexible and stackable configurations for multiple logging agents from one central interface. Flexible logging lets you adapt to any restrictions imposed by your on-prem or cloud infrastructure.

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