For U.S. Government Agencies

Today’s Government looks more like a modern tech company than the bureaucratic stereotypes of yester-year. And one thing tech environments generate is a lot of log messages. They are the raw data of the who, what, where, when of everything that happens in your IT environment.

Whether you are running Top Secret air-gapped systems accessed by handful of people public-facing web apps as elaborate as, you must be collecting, monitoring, and analyzing logs to ensure the security, compliance, and performance of those systems.

Graylog makes it easy to bring together all the log messages from all the system components into one place where they are easily searched, stored, and protected.

Search millions in milliseconds

Government networks must be agile enough to be able to operate even when resources are scarce or limited. Change your priorities on the go as necessity requires, minimize infrastructure maintenance, and optimize your systems with the most scalable solution on the market.

Tighten security policies

Government-affiliated agencies are prime targets for foreign and domestic actors. Keeping your precious data under control at all times is paramount since prevention is so much more important than mitigation. Centralize your logs and monitor your networks to stop data breaches before they compromise your data.

Ensure Compliance Readiness

Meeting the compliance regulations enforced at the federal level by the DoD, FBI, or RIS such as FISMA, FedRAMP, or CoN requires using only the highest-quality technology available. Graylog provides you maximum control on where, how, and when your data is collected, and allow you to search every nook and cranny to answer any auditor’s question.

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How Graylog Helps

Proactive cybersecurity & event managemenet

Government organizations and contractors are at even higher risk of attack than commercial enterprises. When the data you need to protect is so valuable, acting after the breach occurred is too late. Audit logs should be monitored in real-time to identify any potential threat as soon as it occurs, and act proactively before an attack causes irreversible damage or steals valuable information.

SIEM & log management

Meeting Federal Compliance Regulations

To obtain the authorization to operate in a government network you need to be compliant with many strict regulations and complex guidelines. Knowing how to implement and maintain bullet-proof log management infrastructures is just as important as showing the regulators that you are tracking everything that is occurring in your system. Graylog is the easiest, most accessible, yet amazingly robust and fully accountable logging tool you can find to audit your network as fast as you can imagine.

Full Accountability

Oversee your infrastructure

Centralizing logs means keeping everything under control on a granular level at all times. Performance degradation may cause serious issues, especially with the multitude of IoT devices that need to be deployed and overseen by the military. Pinpoint any system fault in equipment and vehicles in a matter of seconds by identifying the source of your issues with maximum precision.

Maximum granularity

Graylog for defense

Prevent malicious insiders from disclosing sensitive information. Gain the upper hand in the never-ending threat intelligence vs. cyber-threats battle. Deal with the most rigid government compliance mandates through maximum flexibility. Oversee and manage your resources to maximize your infrastructure’s efficiency. Graylog can help you with all this and much more.

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