For DevOps

Created by a developer for developers, Graylog is the fastest centralized log collection and analysis tool for your app stack.

See the big picture

Development, cloud deployment, config and change management, performance optimization, security, compliance, troubleshooting… track all custom application activity through logs across the DevOps toolset, the entire application stack (network, OS, Application) with data visualization from all sources.

Fast & Efficient Service

Reduce off-hour escalations by empowering Level I and Level II customer support reps with controlled access to log data and pre-built search workflows so they can diagnose issues in minutes without escalation.

Lightning-fast Troubleshooting

The faster the better when you need to figure out the root cause of outages, slow-downs, buggy behavior, or failed updates. Easy query building, lightning-fast results, and all your data in one place provide the speed you need.

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How Graylog Enterprise Helps DevOps Teams

Get the details—all of them

Don’t worry about what to log. Graylog can handle logging everything—up to petabytes of data—with no truncating, summarizing, or stripping of messages. The last thing you want is an outage only to find out you don’t have the data you need to figure out what happened.

Collect any log, structured data

With Graylog, you can start any process and log and parse anything, even custom logs and data sources not traditionally thought of as “logs” using any publicly-managed collectors and log formats, all managed through Graylog Sidecar. JSON, text files, .csv, Beats, syslog, and many more.

Explore your data more thoroughly

Graylog makes it easy to visualize and explore data, even when you don’t know exactly what you are looking for. With extremely easy to construct search queries, you don’t need to be a PhD in data science. Need to find a specific session, but don’t know which virtual server processed it? No problem. In just a few seconds you can find the session, then quickly pivot to the supporting data to find out what happened right before and after.

Make it yours

Graylog gives you complete flexibility in ingesting and passing User ID, Session ID, IP, User Name, and all the other data you need. With Search Workflows, Dashboards, and Alerts, you can customize Graylog to keep tabs on your environment, let you know when there’s something you need to look at, and quickly conduct repetitive analysis. You can even grab free plugins created by our amazing community from the Graylog Marketplace or write your own adaptations.

Help yourself and meet compliance requirements

Graylog is a self-serve tool for DevOps personnel—no need to rely on IT to install, configure, or maintain. Even better, by collecting all the logs into Graylog where you can sort, search, enrich, and analyze the data, you are making the Security and Compliance teams happy by staying out of the production environment.

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