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Graylog Monthly Roundup – January 4, 2016

January 6, 2016

Happy New Year, folks!

2016 is going to be a great year, and we can’t wait to begin sharing our upcoming plans for Graylog with you all.

Read This: Emerging Use Case for Modern Log Management

Graylog user and contributor Henrik Johansen writes about an emerging third use case for modern log management: linked-data analysis to generate a more complete view of infrastructure operations at scale.

Read the article.

Graylog Marketplace – New Contributions

We’re honored that so many users spent part of their holidays working on Graylog content packs, plugins, etc. for Graylog Marketplace. Here is what’s new and cool from last month:

  • OpenStack Notifications extractor – by rikatz
  • Sensu Alarm Callback plugin – by cvtienhoven
  • Syslog output plugin – by huksley
  • Elastic Beats input plugin – by sivasamyk
  • Bonfire, a CLI Graylog client with follow mode – by mahrz
  • JDBC output plugin to send logs to RDBMS – by huksley
  • OpsGenie Graylog integration plugin – by olric
  • Neo4J output plugin – by mariussturm
  • Zabbix monitoring for Graylog – by madchap

Need something that’s not on the Marketplace yet? Put it on the Wish List here.

Or be somebody’s hero and contribute your content packs and plugins to the Marketplace so others can use them.

Case Study: Graylog + Gameforge = DevOps Success

Gameforge, a leading provider of free-to-play massively multiplayer online games (MMOs), uses Graylog to accelerate the evolution of its online gaming platform. Read how Gameforge’s team of 80 application developers and 18 system administrators have been using Graylog since early 2014 to stay one step ahead of application performance issues.

Read the case study.

More Cool Reads

Regular Expression (Regex) Performance: The Fundamental Guide – by Lennart Koopmann

Using Graylog Extractors to Split Logs – by David Chua

Graylog Collector (the final installment of a 4-part series about Graylog on AWS with Ansible) – by Touchstone Softworks

The Golden Age of Open Source Has Arrived – on TechCrunch

The Next Generation of Continuous Integration – on

In French: Watch this video of a Graylog presentation at JRES 2015 – by Johan Thomas

Have a cool Graylog story to share? Email us if you’re interested in guest blogging, presenting, or sharing your experience with Graylog.

Upgrade to Graylog 1.3

In case you missed it, we released Graylog v1.3, which includes new features and performance improvements, and several major bug fixes. Thanks to everyone who tested and contributed.

Read the 1.3 GA Blog or go straight to the latest release v1.3.2.

#GraylogSwag #TwitterStorm

We thank all of you who gave some time during the holidays to write about Graylog, contribute to Graylog, and join the convos on Twitter.
It made us so happy to see all your shining faces in #GraylogSwag that we made a collage! :)

Until next month, Happy Logging!
The Graylog Team

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