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Graylog Monthly Roundup – February 3, 2016

February 4, 2016

Graylog v2.0 Alpha Released

This is the first time we’ve released such an early alpha version of a Graylog release - we just couldn't wait to get it out into the wild for you to start using and testing.

On the surface, many things will look and feel the same in Graylog. However, we have built powerful new functionality that will be the foundation of Graylog as the leading open source log management platform for 2016 and beyond. We hope you continue to join us in this journey.

Help us with testing and get an early peak at some of the brand new features and capabilities.

Read more in the blog.

How to Monitor Failed Puppet Runs: Graylog + Sensu

Graylog user Christiaan van Tienhoven explains how his team uses Graylog to monitor the success or failure of Puppet runs, and how they implemented alert handling on the Sensu platform to address the problem of alert fatigue.

Read the story on Medium.

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More Cool Reads

Logging and Notifications with Rogger, Graylog, and Twilio - by Siaw Young

Graylog Architecture Overview [Slideshare] - by Graylog Engineering

Discard Messages From Graylog Forwarder Nodes - by Henrik Johansen

Know Your Event Size in Graylog - by Fred Blaise

Grails Remote Logging With Graylog - by Mark Nellemann

Open source projects strive on being easy to use and easy to contribute to. This was a great reminder of the basics: Making Your Open Source Project Newcomer-Friendly

Here's something funny: How to Monitor Cats (With Raspberry Pi and Bluetooth Low Energy)

Graylog Marketplace - New Contributions

What's new from last month:

Need something that's not on the Marketplace yet? Put it on the Wish List here.

Or be somebody's hero and contribute your content packs and plugins to the Marketplace so others can use them.

New Year, New Release, New Look

Check out our website refresh, just in time for v2.0. We can't look away!

Until next month, Happy Logging!

The Graylog Team

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