Announcing Graylog v3.1.3

November 6, 2019

Today we are officially releasing Graylog v3.1.3

This release is a bug fix release improving the functionality and stability of Graylog.  3.1.3 has many changes, all of which are in the changelog.  We have addition of new features as well in this release, so please let us know how you use them.

Please read on for detailed descriptions of changes.

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Please report bugs and any other issues in our GitHub issue tracker. Thank you!

New: Core

  • Added “Test” button for event notifications for validation.
  • Added pipeline rule timers for help debugging slow pipeline rules
  • Added support for MaxMind ASN Database in lookup tables.
  • Added `length(string, bytes_flag)` function to determine string lengths in characters or bytes, based on the utf-8 encoding.  Allow for finding out how large a field is for uses like abnormally long POST or GET

Updates/Changes: Core

  • Increased default connection limits for Elasticsearch
  • Improved event and alert processing on nodes with low ingest rates
  • Many UI updates for cleaner look and sorting by name instead of UUID.
  • Reload of current GROK patterns on bulk import

Updates/Changes: Integrations Plugin

  • Fixed checkpointing in AWS Kinesis streams

Enterprise Updates:

  • Corrected an issue where an incomplete archive directory will be removed if the archive job fails or is stopped during creation
  • Corrected an issue where aggregated event definitions were creating correlation events

Let us know what you’d like to have included in our GitHub issue tracker.

Written By
Nick Carstensen

Nick has been in the security industry for over fifteen years with experience in Security and the Log/SIEM Industry. Nick is currently a Technical Product Evangelist for Graylog, creating content and helping with their social presence.

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