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Announcing Graylog v2.1.0-beta.1

July 26, 2016

Today we are releasing the first beta version of Graylog v2.1. It is the first feature-complete release of the 2.1 pre-GA series and ready for your feedback. You can find a changelog and overview of new features in this post.


Download Graylog 2.1.0-beta.1:

New features since alpha.2

Here are the new features since the last Graylog v2.1 alpha release:

Message decorators

This new feature allows you to mutate message values on search result pages automatically. A classic example would be to change the numerical severity level of a syslog message (level=4) to a human readable string like level=warning (4).

We’ll ship standard decorators but you can also write your own using our plugin system. Another really cool way to use this feature is to select a message processing pipeline that every message of the current search result page will run through. Mutation logic can get pretty powerful when using the pipelines.

More example use-cases are:

  • WHOIS lookup of IP addresses
  • Data center inventory link to known hostnames
  • User ID to username
  • User ID to hostname the user is located on
  • IP to hostname using reverse DNS or a lookup table / inventory
  • IP to parent data center
  • Anything else you can express in code

The decorator config is always bound to streams, so you can have standard mutations per stream.

SSO & Pluggable authentication

Graylog has always supported the built-in user/password and LDAP authentication methods but this release finally makes the authentication methods pluggable. The first plugin we released is for Single-Sign-On (SSO).

The SSO plugin supports automatic login and user account creation based on trusted HTTP headers set by an authentication proxy.

More changes

Collector sidecar plugin

  • Add buffer option to NXLog outputs
  • Make defaults compatible with Windows hosts

Pipelines processor plugin

We love your feedback

We need feedback about what’s working and what’s broken in order to help everyone get the most out of Graylog v2.1. There are a variety of ways to provide feedback, all of which can be found on our community resources page:

We’re super excited about releasing 2.1, and we value your feedback. So please go try out the Beta and let us know what you think!

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