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Announcing Graylog v2.0 Beta.2

April 4, 2016

We’ve just released the second beta of Graylog v2.0. This Beta.2 release is primarily a bug fix release. If you missed our Beta.1 release announcement, check out the Beta.1 blog post.


The server core has been feature complete since Graylog 2.0.0-beta.1. We’re still working on a few new features related to plugins between now and the release of v2.0 GA.


  • Update to Elasticsearch v2.3.0. (Remember that v1.x versions of Elasticsearch are no longer supported)

Plugin: Pipeline Processor

Plugin: Archive

  • Replace delete_index parameter with index_action for archives REST API endpoint.
  • Add gl2_archive_restored field to all restored messages to allow searching for restored messages.

Bug fixes


Plugin: Map Widget

Plugin: Collector

  • Fix problem with collector heartbeat validation. Graylog2/graylog-server2#2002 Graylog2/graylog2-web-interface#1726Graylog2/graylog-plugin-collector#3

Plugin: Archive

  • Fix error message when archive directory does not exist.
  • Never close or delete the current writer index when archiving it.
  • Handle a graceful server shutdown and stop archiving / restore jobs.
  • Fix NullPointerException when collecting source histogram metadata for an archive.
  • Fix missing timestamp field when restoring an archive.

Breaking Changes


  • Remove unused command line parameters. Graylog2/graylog-server2#1977

Known Issues

Plugin: Archive

  • The archive index retention strategy has a hardcoded number for max indices of 1. Please make sure to only use it for tests! This will be fixed in the next beta.


Graylog v2.0 Beta can be downloaded from here.

Our virtual appliance in OVA format has also been updated for this release.

The operating system packages for v2.0 Beta are available in our repositories. See our documentation for details.

Docker images are available on Docker Hub.

Upgrading from Graylog 1.3.x

Graylog v2.0 is not production ready yet but you can preview the breaking changes in our

We need your feedback

We need feedback about what’s working and what’s broken in order to help everyone get the most out of Graylog 2.0. There are a variety of ways to provide feedback, all of which can be found on our community resources page:

  • Report bugs and other issues in our GitHub graylog-server repo.
  • Help with documentation in our GitHub documentation repo.
  • Start a discussion in our Google Group mailing list.
  • Or join the chatter on our #graylog Freenode IRC channel.
  • New feature ideas are welcome in our product idea portal.

We’re super excited about releasing 2.0, and we value your feedback. So please go try out this release and let us know what you think!

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