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Announcing Graylog 2.2.0-beta.2

December 12, 2016

Today we are releasing Graylog v2.2.0-beta.2. Our focus for this release was on improvement of four current features: retention, alerting, pipeline processor, and collector sidecar. As always, we could use your help by providing feedback. You can report bugs and any other issues in our GitHub graylog-server repo.

Please note, you may experience web interface issues with plug-ins that were not built for Graylog v2.2.0.

Download links

Download Graylog v2.2.0-beta.2:

Feature highlights

  • Improved retention was our most requested feature! With v2.2.0-beta.2, you can save storage space by setting a retention period for each type of log file (syslog, application logs, flowlogs, etc).
  • Improved alerting with the advantage of stateful notifications. This will weed out any unnecessary alerts. We’ve also introduced a new Alerts page in the top-level
  • Introducing explicit default stream so that non-admin users can be granted access to all messages
  • Stabilized Pipeline Processor! We’ve improved performance with faster processing speed
  • Sidecar collector performance improvements with easier usability and the ability to restart single collectors from the web interface


Pipeline processor plugin

Collector sidecar plugin

We love your feedback

We are really excited about version v2.2.0-beta.2 and we would love to hear your thoughts! There are a variety
of ways to provide feedback, all of which can be found on our

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