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Less Cost, More Performance

Learn why Graylog is the value choice for Enterprise Log Management
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Tech Talks: Getting Value Out of Graylog

Learn how you can quickly identify potential security and operations issues.
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Graylog Illuminate for Authentication

Shine a light on who is accessing what, where, and when
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Do more with your log data


Identify & Stop Threats

Alert on cyber-threats faster and quickly analyze data for more effective incident response.

Reveal Threats

Make audits simple

Breeze through internal audits with fast, interactive log analysis of data from all of your servers, applications, and network devices.

Achieve Compliance
IT Operations

Prevent Downtime

Collect your entire infrastructure’s syslog and event log messages in one place, diagnose issues sooner, and quickly troubleshoot problems.

Analyze Deeper
IT Operations

Prevent Downtime

Break down the barriers between IT Ops and Developers. Collect all performance and error data in one place and make it easily accessible to all authorized users.

Automate Deployment
Ease of Use

Built for Interactivity and Speed

Get your information faster—explore, alert on, and report on data with a simple and intuitive UI.


Terabytes of data from any source

Bring in terabytes of data across multiple log sources, data centers, and geographies with the capability to scale horizontally in your datacenter, cloud, or both.


Analyze everything at half the cost

Don’t feel like you have to pick and choose which data is most important, especially when it comes to security or compliance. Our scalable business model lets you bring in all data for any need.

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