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What is the Graylog Marketplace?

In this video we'll have a look at the Graylog marketplace, how to get to it, what kind of content you’re going to find inside it, and the benefits of using it.

How can you access the Graylog Marketplace?

As you probably know already, content packs are a convenient way to distribute data such as different parsers, alerts, reports, etc.. This data is consolidated into a single content pack which is then delivered to the marketplace where everybody can download it.

To find the Marketplace, once inside your Graylog console, just access the “Content Pack” page found in the “System/Content Packs” menu. Then click on the hyperlink on the left of the screen “Find more content packs in the Graylog Marketplace.” If you want to upload a content pack you already downloaded, just click on the green “Upload” button on the top left part of the screen (more on this later).

What you will find in the Graylog Marketplace?

Once you’re in the marketplace, you will find several types of different add-ons that you can install. Let’s find out what they are.


The first type of modules are the Plugins –code used to extend Graylog’s functionality so it can do things that it doesn’t currently support out of the box. For example, you can find alert wizards, aggregators or backup/restore plugins.

Content Packs

Content packs are what we came for in the console itself. They include all kinds of different parsing rules, inputs, streams, and extractors as well as dashboards. For example, they are what you should look for if you need to deal with a device or software that is normally unsupported.

GELF library

The GELF library is mostly used for programming. It provides you with many different ways to get data from your program out to Graylog itself. You will find several libraries to put your programming language into the GELF format so it is readable by Graylog, such as C++ or Erlang.

Other solutions

The “Other solutions” section includes any other kind of content or guide that might help integrate Graylog with other unsupported devices or configure other functions that did not come out of the box.

How does the Graylog marketplace work?

If you click on any of the add-ons found in the marketplace, you will open a new window where you can find additional info, the installing instructions and a button to download it. The Marketplace has full integration with Github, so if you write your own code down there, you can publish it on our channel and it will appear on the Graylog Marketplace as well.

Once you download a file, it will come in a JSON format that you can now upload by going back to the “System/Content Packs” page in your Graylog console. Once uploaded, you need to install each individual component to activate it – if you did it correctly, a green “installed” tag will appear near the name of the content pack. After installing it, you can click on each one of them to open a new window with additional information such as the version history, the constraints, and what are you going to get inside that content pack (lookup tables, dashboards, etc.).

That’s all you need to know about the Graylog Marketplace – Happy logging!


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