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The Importance of Log Monitoring in Anomalous Behavior Analytics

August 12, 2020

What role does log monitoring have in intrusion detection and prevention and how does it work together with behavioral analytics?

Implementing Geolocation with Graylog Pipelines

January 22, 2020

You can further improve your ability to extract meaningful and useful geolocation data by leveraging the functionality of pipelines and lookup tables.

How to Use Graylog Lookup Tables

December 20, 2019

Graylog has a few built-in lookup tables and common adapters to read in the data from various locations. In this article, we'll go over the steps needed to configure your lookup table.

Business Intelligence and Log management – Opportunities and challenges

November 11, 2019

Business intelligence (BI) is all about making sense of huge amounts of data to extract meaningful and actionable insights out of it. Log management tools such as Graylog are the perfect solution to streamline data collection and analysis.

An Introduction to Graylog Aggregation Charts

February 21, 2019

Aggregation charts are a great way to visualize your data to find anomalous behavior in your organization. By summarizing your data into simple visual depictions, you can easily spot out anything that’s out of place.

Trend Analysis with Graylog

June 15, 2018

Trend analysis provides rich information and yields insights into the operational and security health of your network that are otherwise difficult to discern. Learn how to use Graylog to perform the types of trend analysis discussed previously.

Using Trend Analysis for Better Insights

June 4, 2018

A centralized repository of logs generated by your devices and applications stores a wealth of data. Trend analysis of that data gives you rich insight into activity in your environment.

Visualize and Correlate IDS Alerts with Open Source Tools

August 10, 2016

We will walk through integrating the IDS tool, Snort, with Graylog in order to detect and analyze suspicious activity. We will then provide examples of correlating IDS alerts with both network connection and operating system logs using Graylog.

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