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Graylog To Add Support for OpenSearch

March 10, 2022

Beginning with v4.3, which is expected to be available within a month, Graylog will add support for OpenSearch v1.1 and v1.2 as the log message and event data repository. We will continue to also support Elasticsearch v6.8 and 7.10 with this release, though Graylog Security v2.0 will require OpenSearch.

Large-Scale Log Management Deployment with Graylog: A User Perspective

July 9, 2018

See how a user in a large-scale cloud environment implemented Graylog to centralize log data from multiple data centers exceeding 1 TB/day.

Using a Hot/Warm Elasticsearch Cluster

August 3, 2017

Starting with Graylog v2.3, we've added support for Elasticsearch 5. As you may know, Elasticsearch 5 allows the use of the hot/warm cluster architecture. What is the hot/warm cluster architecture and why is it important to Graylog?

Coming soon: Elasticsearch 5 support

April 6, 2017

We know many of you have been asking for this and we are excited to say that it’s almost here: Elasticsearch 5 support is coming in Graylog v2.3!

Growing From Single Server to Graylog Cluster

November 1, 2016

In our second Back to Basics post, we'll walk through the process of scaling your environment from one Graylog server to a Graylog cluster.

Centralized Docker Container Logging With Native Graylog Integration

August 3, 2015

Log collection from Docker containers has been difficult because containers do not persist for a long time, and don’t leave a reliable info history. As a result, tasks that rely on log data have become more difficult.

Tips & Tricks #1: How to Quickly Debug Your Stream Rules With One Click

July 21, 2015

In the first blog post of our new Tips & Tricks series, I want to show you a quick way to debug your stream rules to test whether your targeted messages will accurately be matched by a Graylog (

New OS package repositories for Debian 8 and CentOS 7

July 16, 2015

We now offer operating system packages tailored for Debian 8 and CentOS 7 including *systemd* support. Please see our updated documentation for details.

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