Graylog Enterprise

For cyber Security

Created by a developer for developers, Graylog is the fastest centralized log collection and analysis tool for your app stack.Collect all the data, dig deeper, and identify threats ridiculously fast.

Super Fast Threat-hunting

Gather and aggregate incident data to proactively go looking for malware, hacks, phishing, and endpoint attacks. Explore your data without having a complete plan prior to engaging in the search. Go beyond the simple drill-down—the power of Graylog’s integrated search, workflow, dashboards, and reports lies in its ability to expand and reveal more information as you go, delving deeper into the data to find the right answers.

Comprehensive Incident Investigation

Detect threats and breaches from across your business with correlated data visualization from all sources, organized into a single screen. With Graylog’s real-time information at your fingertips, you can pinpoint the source of your issues fast. A perfect addition to your cybersecurity toolkit, it prepares your team to proactively reduce risk before a small problem becomes a big one.

Flexibility to Fit Your SOC Stack

Enhance capabilities and strengthen security by combining SIEM and log management. Graylog lets you see availability and alerts immediately by visualizing metrics and trends in one central location so you can understand where and how a threat began, the path it took, what it impacted, and how to fix it. Maximum protection with minimum risk. Or if you use a centralized help desk system don’t need dedicated incident management ticketing capabilities, use Graylog as your SIEM!

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How Graylog Enterprise Helps security Teams

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View value and vulnerabilities immediately by visualizing metrics and trends in one central location with dashboards. Use field statistics, quick values, and charts from the search results page to dive in for deeper analysis of your data. Scout for indicators of compromise to immediately identify any sign of malicious activity.

Identify Malicious Activity

Find the real threats in massive amounts of data produced by firewall logs, applications, endpoint OSes, networking equipment, DNS requests. Identify issues like USB devices plugged into sensitive endpoints or installations of browser plug-ins with known vulnerabilities. With the right defenses in place, your security posture has never been so strong.

Know The Impact

Trace the path of an incident to identify which systems, files, and data has been accessed through the log files. Marry log data with threat intelligence, HR systems, physical security systems, Active Directory, geolocation, and more to get additional insights and data visualizations.

Automate Reporting

Easily monitor trends over time and adhere to cybersecurity policies requiring daily/weekly/monthly log reviews with “dashboards in your inbox” sent on a scheduled basis. Graylog's highly intuitive GUI-based report builder to get the information you want, exactly how you want it.

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