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Graylog For Security

Collect all the data, dig deeper, and identify threats ridiculously fast.

How Graylog Helps

Identify The ISsues

Find the real threats in massive amounts of data produced by firewall logs, applications, endpoint OSes, networking equipment, DNS requests. Identify issues like USB devices plugged into sensitive endpoints or installations of browser plug-ins with known vulnerabilities.

Respond to Incidents

Once alerted, go threat hunting in seconds. From a single screen you can start with an input like a suspicious IP address and immediately get an overview of all connections that IP was making in the past. Then drill down to the targets in the organization and quickly analyze traffic patterns. Collapse many searches and multi-step workflows into a single click.

Automate Reporting

Easily monitor trends over time and adhere to security policies requiring daily/weekly/monthly log reviews with “dashboards in your inbox” sent on a scheduled basis. Use our highly intuitive GUI-based report builder to get the information you want, exactly how you want it.

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