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Supercharge log management with Graylog

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Open Source

Log Management For All

Built to open standards, Graylog’s connectivity and interoperability seamlessly collects, enhances, stores, and analyzes log data.

Open Source Features

Keep It Simple: Dashboards

Easily create custom dashboards to visualize a variety of metrics and trends on a single page. Drill down from charts and tables to explore your data in-depth.

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Hunt Threats Faster:
Multi-Threaded Search

Analyze data and find issues quickly with the ability to explore multiple attack vectors at once. Take advantage of the multi-threaded search to work through the dataset without having to schedule or save a search to continue at a later time.

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Never Lose Data:
Fault Tolerance

Prevent data loss with the Graylog message journal in case of a network outage. Fault tolerance is built in to the product without requiring additional components and ensures distributed, load-balanced operation.

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Bring in Any Data:
Content Packs

Use content packs—a combined set of inputs, extractors, streams, and dashboards--to bring in or share popular configurations in your environment to get up and running very quickly.

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Manage ALL Data Collectors:
Graylog SIdecar

Use the Graylog Sidecar to manage flexible and stackable configurations for all log collectors, both Graylog and third-party, from one central interface. Tune logging on one, many, or all endpoints in seconds to adapt to new threats, performance issues, or other challenges in your on-premises and cloud infrastructures.

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