Graylog 3.2

This release unifies views, dashboards, and search for a more flexible and comprehensive approach to threat hunting. The expanded search introduces greater efficiency by making it easier to reuse searches you need to run on a regular basis with saved search and search workflows. Other enhancements such as full screen dashboards, and updates to alerting round out v3.2.

Expanded Search

As data continues to grow in size and complexity, the ability to explore that data becomes more important. With Graylog’s expanded search you can build and combine multiple searches into one single action and review your delivered results on one screen.

Begin the hunt for the information needed to address issues, threats, outages, and customer support calls by drilling into the data on different dashboards, and when necessary, override the parameters and get new results in your dashboard widgets. Using a single or multiple input parameters, initiate common multi-step analyses present the results on dashboard-like widget screen.

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And More

Saved Searches, Parameterization, and search Workflows (Enterprise)

Graylog has just made it easier to reuse searches that you need to run on a regular basis by integrating Views and Searches. Enterprise users can take advantage of the new parametrization features that let you enter one or more search criteria for a more comprehensive search. You can combine searches by creating a search workflow, and you can save this workflow so that a broad range of team members can use it on a regular basis. Finally, you can monitor your results with dashboards and you can have your results delivered to your inbox on a regular basis.

Alerts (Enterprise)

Alerts in the Enterprise version 3.2 now utilize dynamic lists as well as alerting against multiple conditions at once. The new dynamic lists are a combination of alert parameters and look up tables. (Think searching and correlating across third party databases like active directory or threat intelligence feeds). Supporting more than one condition for alert events is another way Graylog adds efficiency to your work day.

Full-screen Dashboard

V3.2 gives you the option of a full screen dashboard inside Graylog for those times you need all the surrounding elements on your laptops, computers, and/or monitors.

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