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Graylog 4.0

This release introduces productivity gains with new Teams Management. Enterprise-sized organizations have a greater degree of flexibility to share dashboards and search templates within a team and across the organization by controlling access to content creation at a Team level. Other enhancements include Dark Mode, Slack and Script Notification Plugin, and support for Elasticsearch 7. And these are just the highlights of everything that’s waiting for you in this new release.



Productivity gains for all parties is an important goal for any business. Graylog’s Team Management enables enterprise-sized organizations to efficiently and securely control access to content creation at a Team level.

Eliminating the reliance upon administrators for access, enhances security and provides users a greater degree of flexibility to share information within a team and across the organization. IT admins can focus on other tasks. Members can work collaboratively and work more effectively within the teams. New members can come up to speed more quickly.

Cloud Forwarder


Graylog Cloud comes with a Forwarder that sends your encrypted and authenticated messages from any location to your Graylog Cloud instance. The Forwarder is designed to accommodate the unique needs of every business.  You can continue with your current collection types (e.g., Plain Text or Syslog), and Graylog encrypts the data in transit. The data transfer is seamless and fast.

IT Operations

Identify outages and slowdowns sooner, even forecast the need for additional infrastructure such as another domain controller by correlating performance log data from throughout your environment.

IT Security & Compliance

Reduce noise by identifying security issues by correlating log messages across time, endpoints, and different types of endpoints before sending alerts up the tech stack.

Network and Telecomm

Bring together all your logs from all your network equipment into one place so you can holistically see what's loading up the network and create alerts based on a combination of factors across hardware.

And More



In the 4.0 release, we have added support for several newEvent Notification types, including Slack Notifications that will send a custom message to any Slack channel when an Event is triggered and ScriptNotifications which allow you to execute your own script in response to Events.The addition of Script Notifications, an Enterprise-only feature, allows users depending on legacy Alarm Callbacks to fully migrate of this deprecated functionality.


The Dark Mode option is a common popular request in technology because of the benefits to your eyes and the battery life for your devices. The option is now included in Graylog. Enjoy!


Graylog v4.0 now includes support for Elasticsearch 7. Elasticsearch 7 will only work with Graylog v4.0. All nodes need to go to Elasticsearch 7.

NOTE: You can continue to use Elasticsearch 6, but we always recommend that you run the latest supported version of the application.

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