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Graylog 3.0

The next generation of Graylog is here! Based on thousands of suggestions from our community, it comes with a ton of new features that make your job faster and easier - from troubleshooting to threat hunting to compliance. Whether you’re an Enterprise customer or an Open Source user, you’ll find plenty of reasons to upgrade.

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And More

There are numerous other updates in v3.0, but here are a couple more to note:

Content Packs

After multiple years of availability, Content Packs have been re-built from the ground up. They are now much easier to use and work with all Graylog entities - including processing pipelines. A drastically improved and wizard-based process lets you create and export content packs, and imported content packs now have revisions. Parameters can be used to customize content during import. Ever wanted to ask the user what port to launch a certain input on? No problem.

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Security Edition

We have received a number of requests for security-specific content including out-of-the-box integrations with the most common security-related software packages and network hardware. In 2019 we will offer a premium version of Graylog that includes these integrations and other security-related content.

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New Security Edition!

To get you up and running as fast as possible, we will soon be offering a version of Enterprise that includes additional security-related content in the default installation.

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