Graylog 3.1

This release brings a whole new alerting and event system that provides more flexible alert conditions and event correlation based on the new search APIs that also power the views.

Correlation and Event Management

Log messages can take many different forms and usually contain a lot of noise. At the same time, not everything noteworthy in logs is necessarily an alert. In order to overcome this gap, Graylog Enterprise now allows you to define events that are stored in Elasticsearch where all Graylog functionality can be used to query, organize and archive them, long beyond the lifetime of the raw, noisy logs that created them. Correlate events over time to trigger notifications when a combination of events appear or even a certain combination of events does not happen in a certain amount of time.

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And More


Technically released in v3.0.2, it’s worth mentioning that Graylog Enterprise customers can now easily consolidate data from multiple Graylog instances. This enables organizations with complex architectures due to managing many terabytes per day, being highly decentralized, or providing Graylog to multiple clients as a managed service to run more efficiently, provide better response times, and analyze data across your entire organization.


In Graylog 3.1 many visualization improvements have been completed. These visualization improvements range from allowing you to quickly mark key data in the search pane to applying multiple types of data aggregation against a single field and combine different aggregation types in the same chart. This means users can now aggregate over multiple fields and data series, in a pivot-like manner.


Graylog 3.1 is introducing the `percentile()` metric function to allow you to see your numeric data sets referencing a percent.  You can now search for File Changes by User, and selecting the percentile metric will list out percentage of change by user.


Stacked bar charts were released with Graylog 3.1, moving the side by side data sets to data stacked by color. The colors in the charts can also be changed by clicking on the legend, and picking the color desired.

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New Security Edition!

To get you up and running as fast as possible, we will soon be offering a version of Enterprise that includes additional security-related content in the default installation.

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