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Graylog 1.2.2 is Now Available!

October 27, 2015

Graylog 1.2.2 is Now Available!

Graylog 1.2.2 is a bug fix release.
If you are using Graylog 1.2.1 or earlier, we strongly recommend you to upgrade.

In this release, we’ve reverted the decision to store index range information inside Elasticsearch and moved this data back into MongoDB.
It turns out that some mechanisms of Elasticsearch make storing index range information alongside Graylog-managed indices very slow on setups with lots of Elasticsearch nodes or lots of index shards and replicas.

Index range data contains information about the time range the messages inside an Elasticsearch index are spanning and is used to optimize search queries in Graylog.

Existing index ranges (from Graylog 1.2.0, 1.2.1, and from earlier Graylog versions) will be automatically migrated on the first start of Graylog 1.2.2.
If you observe any strange behavior regarding search queries and their results (e. g. missing messages), just recalculate index ranges via the web interface (System -> Indices -> Maintenance -> Recalculate index ranges) or via the Graylog REST API using the following cURL command:

# Replace ${PASSWORD} with the password of the Graylog administrator
# and with the actual IP address or hostname of the Graylog server node.
$ curl -u admin:${PASSWORD} -X POST

Download Graylog 1.2.2

Graylog v1.2.2 can be downloaded from here.

The Graylog packages are available on our download page in the “All releases” section.

Our virtual appliance in OVA format has been updated for this release, too.

Docker packages of this release are available on Docker Hub and our DEB/RPM packages can be found here.

Upgrade Notes

Please refer to the Graylog 1.2.0 blog post for specific instructions on upgrading from 1.1.x to 1.2.x.

Bug Fixes

Feedback is welcome!

Please report any bugs or questions you have through one of our community channels.

Feature ideas are welcome in our product idea portal.

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