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Announcing Graylog 1.2 GA Release: Includes 30+ New Features

September 14, 2015

NOTE: Graylog has made many updates to the application since this release. We encourage you to update to the latest version and take advantage of the large number of new features and functionality.

We are happy to announce that Graylog 1.2 is now generally available. This is a milestone release with over 30 new features and bug fixes. We have made significant improvements in usability, performance, and LDAP group integration.

A big thanks to the community for the code contributions and bug testing!

In this release, we optimized our stream processing engine while adding the new OR operator feature, and the results speak for themselves. In some cases, Graylog users reported a nearly 20% reduction in average CPU utilization. This improvement could enable you to collect more log data or reduce your infrastructure costs.

The release candidate feedback from the community has been very positive, and we were able incorporate several additional improvements as a result, including better LDAP group filtering for very large LDAP deployments.

Read on for Graylog 1.2 feature highlights.

Access Control, Management & Scalability


OR Stream Support

User Interface

Stacked Chart Widget
Cardinality Field Statistics
Alert Callback History

Inputs, Outputs and Extractors

JSON field extractor

Try it out!

Download Information

The Graylog packages are available on our download page in the “All releases” section.

Our virtual appliance in OVA format has been updated for this release, too.

Docker packages of this release are available on Docker Hub and our DEB/RPM packages can be found here.

Feedback is welcome!

Please report any bugs you find or questions you have through one of our community channels. Feature ideas are welcome in our product idea portal.

Release Notes (changes since Graylog 1.2.0-rc.4)

Previous 1.2 Release Notes

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