Graylog Enterprise

More functionality for your Graylog cluster

Take your Graylog deployment to the next level.

Graylog Enterprise, built on top of the Graylog open source platform, offers additional features that enable users to deploy Graylog at enterprise scale and apply Graylog to processes and workflows across the whole organization.


One of the features in Graylog Enterprise is Archiving. Archiving enables storage of old log messages on slower and cheaper storage, and re-import of the data into Graylog when needed for search and analysis. Learn more about Archiving.

Graylog Enterprise also offers Audit Log capabilities. Audit Log records and stores actions taken by a user or administrator that make changes in your Graylog system. Learn more about Audit Log.

More features coming soon!

Please note, a Graylog v2.1.1 cluster is required to access all of these Enterprise features.


Please refer to the pricing table for more information.


Will I automatically get access to new features in the future?

Yes. Existing Graylog Enterprise customers will always be given access to the newest features in Graylog Enterprise without any changes in price during your existing subscription period.

How do I install Graylog Enterprise?

The Enterprise functionality is shipped in a plugin. Just drop a few files into your plugins folder, restart graylog-server and you will see the new functionality immediately.

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