Announcing Graylog v4.2 Release Candidate

October 6, 2021

Graylog is excited to announce our v4.2 release candidate. This release includes new integrations for Google Cloud, Workspace, and Mail logs, OpenID Connect, and other key enhancements that create more efficiencies in your approach to centralized log management. 

Read on for more details about the release candidate.


Tarballs (manual installation):


  • This is a release candidate. Do not install it in your production environment. 
  • We caution you not to install or upgrade Elasticsearch to 7.11 and later! It is not supported. If you do so, it will break your instance!

NEW Generic OIDC Authentication (Enterprise)

Graylog has extended our authentication methods to include OpenID Connect, aka OIDC. If you use any of these third parties -- Auth0, Azure AD, Google, Keycloak, Ping Identity, and OneLogin -- you can connect to Graylog using OIDC.  NOTE: Duo and Microsoft ADFS are currently not supported. Also, Team sync is not supported using OIDC, but you can add it on demand for the individual auth providers. OIDC does support Okta, however, we recommend that you use Okta plugin for your Okta authentication needs. 

NEW Google Cloud, Workspace, and Mail Integrations

Graylog Enterprise has brought Google Cloud Services into the fold. These new inputs allow you to gather your Google Cloud, Workspace, and Mail logs into the Graylog ecosystem, making them a part of your centralized log management activities.

Illuminate Processing Installation and Management

Graylog v4.2 comes with a new UI for installing Illuminate processing pipelines. This automated installation process takes care of everything under the covers -- i.e., it updates Elasticsearch templates, installs new processing pipelines and rules, installs new CSV lookups, and syncs the Illuminate installation across all nodes in your cluster. Illuminate installation is now a matter of uploading the Illuminate bundle via the UI and then selecting the processing pipelines you want to be active. A few clicks and you’re ready to unpack your Spotlight content and get to logging. Note that the installer does not currently manage certain Spotlight content such as dashboards and alerts.

Graylog Enterprise Enhancements

Okta on-prem -- Adding a Custom Authorization Server (Enterprise)

Graylog now offers the flexibility to use your own custom Okta endpoint for authentication rather than the default Okta endpoint.

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