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Importance of System Resource Monitoring on Graylog, Elasticsearch, and MongoDB Servers

July 2, 2020

The first thing we tell Graylog users is, “Monitor your disk space.” This is because it is critical that you know immediately if you are at risk of overloading the servers hosting Graylog, Elasticsearch, or MongoDB.

The Importance of Historical Log Data

May 21, 2020

Centralized log management brings valuable information to one place. See how Graylog helps you use historical data to get more concrete insights.

What is IT Operations Analytics (ITOA)?

August 29, 2019

IT Operations Analytics (ITOA) is a vital asset to extract those valuable insights buried in piles of highly articulated data, and a powerful asset to sift through all the complexities of the Big Data.

Meeting Compliance Regulations with SIEM and Logging

December 18, 2018

Health, financial, and educational organizations often have standards and regulations that must be followed. See how SIEM and logging can help you gain compliance.

The Value of Threat Intelligence Automation

March 22, 2018

The news is full of stories about the talent shortage in IT, especially in IT security. This shortage has created pressure on organizations to grow IT operations and to do that securely, all while having too few staff.

Investigating the RCE attack that knocked out 900,000 German routers on Sunday

November 28, 2016

900,000 Deutsche Telekom customers recently suffered repetitive network outages. Could this be a mass-scanning attack similar to how the Mirai botnet was formed?

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