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How Are Dashboards and Reports Related?

March 19, 2021

Every week we get a lot of great questions through support, the community, social media, and on our weekly demo. On Friday, you can find here the most common questions and answers, tips, insights, a closer look at Graylog, interviews, etc.

Aggregating, Managing and Centralizing Docker Container Logs With Graylog

July 13, 2020

Tools like Graylog are required for log management, aggregation, analysis, and monitoring in environments that make intensive use of Docker containers and Orchestration platforms.

How to Set Up Graylog GeoIP Configuration

May 27, 2020

Having additional data on logs that contain IP addresses that gives you their Geolocation helps in your investigations and understanding of your traffic patterns. Here's a guide to set up Graylog and enrich your data with this info.

Security Log Monitoring and DNS Request Analysis

May 8, 2020

By using strategically placed sensors, Graylog’s content pack collects DNS logs guarantees interoperability with any DNS request, even if it is going to an unexpected DNS server or if it was blocked somewhere further down the path.

Log File Parsing

January 17, 2019

Learn the difference between structured and unstructured logs, the basics of the JSON log format, what kind of information you can get when you parse log files, and which tools and utilities to use to perform log file parsing.

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