For Network & Telecom

Keep up with demand, monitor your network infrastructure, prevent downtime and have the data you need to investigate issues. Graylog for Telecommunications is all this and much more.

full-time network availability

All network analysts know very well how every moment of downtime may affect their organization. Graylog can ingest terabytes of log data and provide you with alerts whenever an outage or performance degradation is spotted.

Simplified infrastructure management

Graylog is a logging solution built to handle large-scale data analysis to help you ensure high availability, optimal load balancing, and intelligent failover. No matter how large your infrastructure’s data flow is, our architecture will speed up complex search queries, bringing all your inputs together under a simple and understandable interface.

Securing your IT systems

Graylog will suit the security needs of all telcos, content delivery networks (CDNs), prepaid mobile and communication service providers (CSPs). Identify risks and potentially malicious activities around WAPs, reduce response time, increase the efficiency of your intrusion detection systems (IDS), and protect your enterprise from fraud.

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How Graylog Helps

Data-driven performance optimization

Leveraging digested long-term data is one of the most efficient approaches to enhance your Business Intelligence strategies. Graylog will collect and correlate relevant data about user behaviors, nodes performance, uptime and downtime of services, geographic area-based traffic sources, and much more. Monitor service provisioning and subscriber information to accurately identify customer usage, bring more value to your offer, optimize services delivery, and ultimately increase your revenues.

Data-driven insights

Intelligence compliance management

Graylog helps network & telecom teams meet their compliance needs with a simplified UI-based system. All the key log files for compliance, reporting, and audit can be collected, enriched, and analyzed automatically to streamline the operations. Regulatory agencies and internal auditors can be granted access rights for easy verification. Keep all your data safely stored and archived through efficient log compression.

Automated compliance

Superior level of customer service

Providing top-quality customer service and support isn’t always easy when your operators need to collect a variety of information ranging from Public & Private IP, Location and Access ports, MAC ID, IMEI, etc. Log centralization allows for easy data correlation and enrichment, and instant fetching of any information. Graylog’s simplified interface allows for simplified queries, advanced searches, and smooth integration with 3rd party systems and services.

Real-time information

Proactively resolve network issues

Delivering the best services to your users means ensuring that they never experience any downtime or slowdown. Performance comes paired with network stability. Since your network infrastructure is massive and must support VoIP, IPTV, and all the other IP-based services, keeping track of every single node may be an impossible task if you can’t monitor your performance efficiently and in real-time. Graylog is able to ingest all the data that comes from your logs, warn you if something doesn’t work as it is supposed to, and support rapid fault isolation and remediation.

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