Graylog for MedTech Solution Providers

You empower healthcare organizations with the technology they need to deliver the best possible patient outcomes. We make sure your solutions are fast and efficient so that you can ensure the availability, security, and compliance of your solutions.

Meet SLAs

Trace errors, alert on outages or other red flags, and correlate data from your application with the underlying infrastructure components in near real-time to prevent outages or get answers lightning-fast when something new surprises you.

Productive, Easy, & More Cost-Effective Customer Support

Enable Level 1 & Level 2 Customer Support personnel to quickly and easily answer questions that previously required Level 3 expertise. Since Level 3 is usually Software Developers or DevOps Engineers, this also gives them back more time to do their primary job.

Flexible & Comprehensive  Cybersecurity

Graylog protects your health care business from external and internal threats. Improve your cybersecurity posture by spotting threats and providing the data you need for threat hunting. Seamlessly integrate log data with threat intelligence, HR data, and physical security systems.

How Graylog Helps

Oversee Your Infrastructure

Visibility and alerting across your entire IT, Development, DevOps, and Security infrastructure in one place lets you deliver a better experience for your customers efficiently and fast. Prevent and/or avoid the serious consequences in the healthcare field, often complicated by a multitude of IoT devices and a strenuous regulatory environment.

Maximum Granularity


Errors, outages, breaches, customer support . . . find the answers you need from your logs fast.. Execute multiple queries at once and setup workflows to automatically feed the answers from query to kickoff the next. Save, share, and reuse queries and their resulting data visualizations without the errors found in copy/paste/edit.

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