Graylog for Education

Dive into what Graylog can offer to K-12 and higher education organizations—a by-the-book solution for greater visibility to identify issues and protect against intrusions.

How Graylog Helps Educational Institutions

Optimize Resources

Universities and schools are continually tasked with optimizing IT resources to address their daily logging needs. Graylog centralizes your data, enabling the discovery and dissemination of complex data, reduction of downtimes, and resolution of issues within minutes, freeing your team up to focus on what matters most.


Being fully compliant with every single regulation is never simple—HIPAA, PCI, FERPA, COPPA, and GDPR. Graylog Enterprise makes it easy to collect, retain, protect, and use log data in accordance with regulatory requirements. Answer IT auditor’s questions quickly and easily.

Expand Your

Whether you have an existing log management solution in place or need to expand and unify across departments, Graylog can help you scale and reach the full perimeter of your educational institution. We handle campuses of all sizes, any number or combination of devices.

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How Graylog Helps Educational Institutions

Centralize the Data

Your operating system, applications, network, and infrastructure collect extensive log data 24/7. Graylog puts all that data in one place so you can find it, search it, and analyze it to reduce downtime and improve performance.

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Find Issues Faster

Graylog's multi-threaded search finds what you need almost instantly across terabytes of data. Faster results means faster troubleshooting and resolution when you need to figure out the cause of outages, downtime, or buggy behavior, which are essential to keeping your business up and running.

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Explore Your Data More Thoroughly

Graylog makes it easy to visualize and explore data, even when you don't know exactly what you're looking for. With extremely easy to construct search queries, you don't need to be a PhD to write them. Need to find a specific session, but don't know which virtual server processed it? No problem. In just a few seconds you can find the session, then quickly pivot to the supporting data to find out what happened right before and after.

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