For FinTech & Insurtech

Facing rapidly evolving competitive pressures and sophisticated, demanding customers; the Fintech and Insurtech industries have emerged as distinct niches that need to stay extremely agile. Graylog frequently works with technology vendors in this space to meet their security, data analysis, and compliance needs.

Everything in front of your eyes

Consolidate and keep your log data under control at all times within a highly accessible environment. Get a clearer understanding of your application’s performance to reduce development and operational costs, speed up release cycles, and drive increased customer satisfaction.

Tighten security policies

For Fintech and Insurtech organizations, security matters a lot. Centralizing log messages with Graylog ensures all the data is one place for anomaly detection, and should a breach occur - fast, easy analysis of what systems were impacted over what timeframe.

Ensure Compliance Readiness

Aggregating and centralizing logs makes it easy to meet log collection, protection, and retention requirements. Graylog lets you decide which data is collected from which endpoints with a single management system, how long that data should be kept, and allows you to answer your auditor’s question in seconds with its advanced search capabilities.


How Graylog Helps

Deal with any workload

Today, customers want to access their financial information and insurance status quickly and easily on their smartphones. By 2020, the number of mobile banking users is expected to grow to 2 billion, and your company’s solutions may very well need to scale accordingly. Graylog is the most scalable log management solution on the market and leverages all the benefits that clouds offer to suit higher/more unpredictable workloads.

Massive Scalability

Improve your cybersecurity posture

Many consumers feel uncomfortable using Fintech apps as they carry a lot of risks for their financial and private information. If a data breach occurs, hackers can do more than just steal money – they can use sensitive data to open new credit cards or bank accounts that could be used for all kinds of criminal and fraudulent activities. Parse your logs in seconds with Graylog to hunt threats, identify vulnerabilities, and investigate incidents. Improve your reputation among customers by ensuring that you have the right defenses in place.

SIEM & Log Management

Meeting compliance regulations has never been so easy

Financial data is especially sensitive, and Fintech and Insurtech companies must deal with strict and complicated regulations such as DSS, PCI, and PS2. Graylog allows for tight control on every log and all user data. Quick and accessible log management means that you can easily track what’s happening in your microservices-based architecture, audit your system in the blink of an eye, and safely deal with all the challenges of meeting compliance.

Automate your reports

In FinTech, speed is of the essence

The business and banking worlds are leveraging innovative solutions to drive enhanced customer experience. In the financial transaction space, high volumes of data must be handled in a matter of seconds. Graylog leverages cutting-edge technologies to simultaneously perform your queries across terabytes of data, returning results at lightning speed with no performance hit.

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