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Supercharge Log Management

Your choice of scalable log management solution should let you do more with your security and performance data. Regardless of your event and data stack, technologies, and configurations, Graylog is the only choice you need.

Why Graylog?

Graylog is purpose-built to deliver efficiency, context, and scale to log analysis.

  • Considerably faster analysis speeds
  • More robust and easier-to-use analysis platform
  • Simpler administration and infrastructure management
  • Lower cost than alternatives
  • Full-scale customer service
  • No expensive training or tool experts required

For Efficient Analysts

You don’t even have to be a data scientist to use Graylog. Our UI makes it easier to write queries, create dashboards, and filter, graph, and compare data in ways that would require long, complex queries with competitors. The unified Graylog interface gives you immediately relevant views into data on a single screen, and you can do what you need to with data without system admin or tool-specific training.

For Compliance Specialists

Bring data in from any application, at any time. Graylog is fault-tolerant by design, preventing data loss even during load spikes and requiring no additional components for distributed, load-balanced operation.

For Security Experts

Graylog keeps pace with relentless threat actors and nuanced attacks with scalable, reliable, and manageable infrastructure. Hunt for threats and find issues faster than ever by exploring multiple vectors at once. Trigger alerts for suspicious activity, and respond to those alerts all from one screen, all with zero training.

For IT Teams

Graylog is built for enterprises and works in your datacenter, cloud, or hybrid environment. Scalable to petabyte levels with an elegant design of only three components, Graylog is simpler than competitors’ multi-step installations.

For Enterprise Executives

We’re priced considerably lower than our competition, yet still include collection of all data, enabling enterprises to have a comprehensive, standardized log platform for handling multiple use cases across security, IT Ops, DevOps, and compliance. Graylog also reduces management overhead by using few components to achieve the same functionality as competitors, typically resulting in a 30% - 50% lower cost. In short, your enterprise is safer with Graylog at a lower cost.

For Anyone

Graylog is built to open standards for connectivity and interoperability to seamlessly collect, transfer, store, and analyze log data. Graylog is also SIEM-agnostic by design—our log streams can pass unaltered or enriched data to any application in your monitoring, alerting, and analysis stack. With Graylog Marketplace, you’ll never have to wait for vendor updates to parse logs again—our open-source community can provide solutions now.

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