Slack Plug-in v2.0: Forward Stream Messages to Slack

November 10, 2015

We just released v2.0 of our popular Slack plugin. It has several changes, improvements and also a completely new message output module that allows you to forward messages that are routed into a stream to a Slack room in real-time.

New features and changes

  • The plugin is no longer bound to a single user, because we’re now using the Slack Incoming Webhooks instead of API tokens.
  • A new message output module now enables you to forward messages from a (low throughput) stream directly into Slack. Some message ideas include specific error messages, or events that happen on your monitored devices and applications. (For example, we use Slack to be notified about new Graylog Marketplace submissions.)
  • You can now define a color to use. For example, red for alerts and green for general notifications.
  • Messages can now also be sent as a private message to users in addition to being sent to a channel. The syntax is #channelto send into a channel or @username for a private message.
  • Several bugfixes and improvements.

Upgrade notes

Alarm callbacks created with previous plugin versions will be marked as invalid and should be removed using the web interface. Please create completely new alarm callbacks. Besides that you can just replace the old .jar file in your plugins folder with the new one and restart graylog-server.

Get it now

You can download the new version from the Graylog Marketplace. Please refer to the README for installation and usage instructions.

Happy Slacking!

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