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How a Healthcare Provider Automates IT Operations Management

September 8, 2015

Ever wonder how others in the wild are using Graylog? We’ve got another featured Graylog user story for you!

. This month’s case study is about Ochsner Health System, the largest non-profit, academic, healthcare system in Louisiana. They work with 25 hospitals and more than 50 health centers across the region, all
connected electronically to provide the best possible care for their

We recently caught up with Drew Miranda, Systems Engineer, to learn how his team is using Graylog to automate IT operations management for more than 17,000
desktops. Why did Ochsner Health System choose Graylog as their
centralized log management solution? How does the IT Operations team
maintain the health and availability of tens of thousands of systems
distributed across more than 65 locations? Read their case study to find

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