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Fourth Alpha of Graylog v2.0 Released With Map Widget Plugin

February 26, 2016

We’ve just released the fourth alpha of Graylog v2.0. If you missed the previous alphas, check out Alpha-1, Alpha-2 and Alpha-3 to get caught up on the new features that we’ve already announced. This fourth alpha release includes the shiny new Map Widget plugin, pluggable dashboard widgets and some bug fixes and improvements.

We’ll be releasing 2.0-related updates on a weekly basis, so check back here, follow us on Twitter, or sign up for our email newsletter to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Testing the alpha

This Alpha release is far from feature complete, but we would definitely appreciate your help with testing at this current state! Please submit issues at our GitHub graylog-server repo.

New documentation for 2.0 is also in progress, and we could use some help filling in the gaps as you explore the new version. If you’re interested in contributing to documentation for 2.0, please submit content at our GitHub documentation repo.

New Features since the Graylog v2.0 alpha-3 release

Map Widget: Display your search results on a map!

This release adds the long awaited map widget and GeoIP resolver plugin to Graylog. Now you can enrich your messages with GeoIP data and visualize the results on an interactive map.

Pluggable Dashboard Widgets & Field Analyzers

Graylog provides several dashboard widgets and field analyzers, but sometimes you just need some specialized widgets for your environment. Now you can do that. We made the dashboard widgets and the field analyzers pluggable so you can write your own. The map widget is actually implemented as a plugin, so you can take a look to learn how to do it. Documentation will be available with 2.0 GA.

Pluggable System Configuration UI

When you develop plugins like the map widget, you sometimes need a place to allow the user to customize how the plugin behaves when it is enabled. This is now possible with the pluggable system configuration UI. Every plugin can implement a UI component for configuration settings.

Feature summary

Bug fixes

Graylog server and web interface


Graylog v2.0 Alpha can be downloaded from here.

Our virtual appliance in OVA format has also been updated for this release.

Docker and DEB/RPM packages are not yet available for this alpha release.

We need your feedback

We need feedback about what’s working and what’s broken in order to help everyone get the most out of Graylog 2.0. There are a variety of ways to provide feedback, all of which can be found on our community resources page:

We’re super excited about releasing 2.0, and we value your feedback. So please go try out this release and let us know what you think!

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