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Announcing Graylog v2.1.2

November 4, 2016

Today we are releasing Graylog v2.1.2 which includes many bug-fixes and improvements! We highly recommend that you upgrade if you are currently using v2.1.1. If you are running a previous version of Graylog, please check out our 2.1 GA announcement to see the new features we introduced.


Download Graylog v2.1.2:

users, please note that you will need to use at
least version 1.2.0 of the enterprise plugins, which are compatible with Graylog version 2.1.x.

New search indicator

Thanks to your feedback we were able to improve Graylog's search functionality. Previously, long running searches were difficult to follow due to a lack of indication that a search was in progress. With this release, we have introduced an indicator that will show this progress of your search.

New stream rule

A classic use-case for stream rules is to identify messages that contain a certain string. Previously, you had to write a regular expression, but with this release we are introducing a contains stream rule. This will improve performance and make writing streams more straightforward.

List of all changes

Beats plugin

Pipeline processor plugin

We love your feedback

We are really excited about version 2.1.2 and we would love to hear your thoughts! There are a variety
of ways to provide feedback, all of which can be found on our

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