Announcing Graylog Illuminate Okta Spotlight

Today we are excited to announce Okta Spotlight, the newest member of Graylog Illuminate for Authentication. It eliminates the manual setup necessary to detect, monitor, and analyze Okta authentication activities and issues across your IT infrastructure by providing pre-built Dashboards, Alerts, and data enrichment. 

The Okta Spotlight makes it fast and easy to collect authentication data from Okta. It populates pre-built data visualizations, and when combined with other log data, you have a 360-degree view of who is accessing what, when, and from where.


The Graylog Illuminate Okta Spotlight enhances the Okta Input introduced in Graylog v3.3. By extracting and normalizing the Okta System Logs, it provides the analyst with insight and actionable information into the utilization and activities taking place in one or more Okta Organizations. Using Okta’s built-in categories, event names, SSO target application, and other criteria, Okta events are searchable.

GL Okta Overview

The Okta Spotlight shows you items from System overview activity of how users are interacting with Okta to SSO/Sign-in Activity to see what applications are being used and if they are using the company approved method of authentication. Spotlight also tracks your admin activity, so you can see administrators adding and removing items to your organization. Finally, the Okta Spotlight lets you immediately view how your company is utilizing your SSO Provider.

The Okta Spotlight includes ready-to-use pre-built dashboard views including:

  • Okta system overview
  • Sign-in activity
  • SSO access activity
  • Admin activity
  • A table showing the full Okta message log

These built-in views can serve as a starting point for creating custom dashboards based on any of the available criteria to deliver faster time to value and better results for our Graylog Enterprise customers. 


This new app works with Graylog Enterprise v3.3+. To get you started, we provide a detailed installation guide for a user-interactive set up experience along with a detailed Graylog Authentication and Monitoring Document that outlines best practices for gathering authentication data from Okta System Logs  using Okta Spotlight. 

The Okta Spotlight is part of Graylog Illuminate for Authentication. For more details, click here.

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