Graylog Log Viewer

Save time. Remove uncertainty. Trust the data.

Visibility Into Your Data

Log files are the recorded data of everything that happens in your network infrastructure. A standard Log Viewer parses log files and makes it easier to read the information.

Graylog takes the concept of a standard Log Viewer and transforms it with powerful search capabilities, interactive Dashboards, and Search Results.

Dig Deep into your log files to find, analyze, and fix issues faster with Graylog’s Log Viewer.

Don't Search, Explore

Operating systems, applications, networks, and infrastructures collect extensive log data 24/7. IT teams are tasked with exploring these vast amounts of data in order to reduce downtime, improve performance, and make the operation more efficient. But sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know.

Perform full text queries across millions of log messages in milliseconds. Using a single or multiple input parameters, you can initiate common analyses and review your delivered results on a dashboard-like screen and find and resolve issues, threats, outages, and tech support help requests fast.

Be in the know with Graylog’s Log Viewer.

Real-time Answers

When working with enterprise-scale data, every second matters. Your boss needs answers. The users need support. The systems need to run without interruption. Consistent and improved performance is crucial to the health of the business. And the list goes on…

Build queries in minutes, execute them in milliseconds, view log data in real-time search results. With the ability to process petabytes of structured machine data daily, our data storage and retrieval architecture allows multithreaded and distributed search across your environment, saving considerable time and delivering results at the speed required when working with enterprise-scale data.

Find and resolve issues with Graylog’s Log Viewer.

Lower Ops Costs

Keeping the costs down while providing excellent service is the goal of every IT Operation. It’s hard to do when you’re working with volumes of log data and competing interests.

Work with a single source of data, reusable searches, and an empowered team. Support the success of your business with fast installation, improved performance, secure systems, and lower storage costs

Keep your IT Operation lean with Graylog’s Log Viewer.

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