Free support from the global community

One of the benefits of open source is community-powered support. Join an active and engaged group of users who help each other succeed with Graylog.

If you’re looking for help beyond what community resources can offer, our engineers are standing by to provide professional assistance. Learn about different levels of paid support options on the Professional Support page.

Mailing List

Join the Graylog Community Forums and discuss with the other members of our community.

IRC Channel

Join the Graylog channel on or the #graylog IRC channel on freenode to hang out with community members and our developers. Chat about general topics or any questions you might have.

Issue Trackers

All issue trackers are hosted on GitHub, tightly coupled to our code and milestones. Think you spotted a bug? Oh no! Please report it in our issue trackers so we can take a look at it. Do not hesitate to open issues – we’ll just close them if there is nothing to do.

Product Ideas

We love delivering new features requested by the Graylog community of users. Here you can submit new ideas and comment or vote on ideas submitted by other users.


Graylog Marketplace is the new central repository of all Graylog plugins, content packs, GELF libraries, integration guides, and more. This is where you can find any data source input tools or integrations that have been developed by the Graylog team and the community.


For any remaining questions, try searching our Frequently Asked Questions section in documentation.