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Back to Basics: Using a Hot/Warm Elasticsearch Cluster

Starting with Graylog v2.3, we've added support for Elasticsearch 5. As you may know, Elasticsearch 5 allows the use of the hot/warm cluster architecture.

What is the hot/warm cluster architecture and why is it important to Graylog?

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Announcing Graylog v2.3.0

The official blog post for Graylog v2.3.0 is here! We are excited to reach this milestone and appreciated your testing and feedback along the way. In v2.3.0, we introduced lookup tables and support for Elasticsearch 5 which includes the AWS Elasticsearch service. We’ve also fixed bugs and have noted the full list of changes below.

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Announcing Graylog v2.3.0-rc.1

Today we are releasing Graylog v2.3.0-rc.1. It is a feature-complete release that brings us closer to GA, pending no major issues. This RC.1 release primarily contains bug-fixes and changes based on your feedback.

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